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RTRS Safety

Released 12 March 2021
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A comprehensive mobile-first safety platform that enables companies to perform site inspections, eliminate paper forms, perform toolbox talks, leverage sample policies, thermal print training badges and implement a Learning Management System.  

Provides consistency to your operations and standardizes data for easy analytics to measure risk in real-time. 

Zurich Innovation Award Finalist, National Association of Homebuilders Innovation Award, Top 25 GRC Technology Providers, AXA Ecosystem



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Cory Davis
Real Time Risk Solutions
United States

Real Time Risk Solutions (RTRS) provides software solutions for some of the leading insurance carriers and brokers in the world. RTRS has developed an unprecedented risk management platform designed to provide insurers with real-time visibility into internal risk control activities, an efficient way to manage internal teams’ reporting and an advanced reporting and tracking tool for your clients. 

All risk information is analyzed using Pro, which aggregates information collected from the platform into executive dashboards permitting risk mitigation as well real-time risk insight for producers, clients and risk managers.  

Client Benefits:

1. Lower client risk through participation and use of the platform

2. Demonstrated increased efficiency with information flow between insurers, subcontractors, vendors and clients

3. Reduction of paper (supports green initiatives)

4. Accountability and transparency within internal risk management activities

5. Ease of use- Intuitive UI- up and running in about an hour

6. Mobile-first solution that works offline - so critical information is available when employees may be offline

7. Best in Class Analytics that scale and accelerate growth as clients increase their employee base usage and provides real-time reporting for executive engagement

8. Decrease in claims as well as an increase in operational efficiency

9. Value-driven and closer working relationships with insurers

10. Access to thousands of best practices to reduce risk

Insurers benefits (with private label option):

1. Attain unfiltered, structured risk data with graphical rich real-time dashboards to drive management decision making- especially for insurers (requires client authorization)

2. Anonymous benchmarking capabilities (requires client authorization)

3. Conversion of paper-based best practices to actionable and measurable content

4. Reduced costs for managing risk engineering documentation

5. Increased focus on leading indicators versus claims reporting of lagging indicators

6. Real time analytics across clients collectively in real time (requires client authorization)

7. Unfiltered visibility into your client’s organizational risk management activities providing proprietary “immediately available” information to each insuer (requires client authorization)

8. Increased “client loyalty” as your platform will become a retention tool

9. Increase your value-added presence to your clients by focusing on risk activities at the point of impact while also providing them with a process improvement tool to increase efficiency and reduce the costs associated with administering risk policies

Below is a small sample of mobile screens and analytic dashboards from the platform. 

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Business case

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