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RTRS Safety

Released August 14, 2019
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RTRS SAFETY is a comprehensive safety platform that enables companies to perform site inspections, eliminate paper forms, perform toolbox talks, leverage sample policies and implement a Learning Management System.  All modules come with advanced analytics to measure risk in real-time. 



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Billy Welch
Real Time Risk Solutions
Director of Strategic Partnerships
United States

RTRS Safety is a comprehensive mobile safety platform that works offline, is implemented across a company in about an hour and has demonstrated payback periods less than 60 days. Here are some of the features:


  • Over 10,000 questions in our library to help companies build their own set of observation questions for each project. Companies also have the ability to add their own questions.
  • Track issues by severity, take photos, dictate notes, capture digital signatures and assign issues between internal and external employees for maximum accountability. 
  • All reports are provided in real-time from any web-based browser.
  • RTRS Pro provides over 30 dashboards to analyze trends, setup alerts and notifications and provide advanced reporting. 
  • RTRS SAFETY takes any paper-based form and converts them into mobile forms to be filled out on any Apple or Android device in minutes.
  • Platform comes with over 150 form templates (Accident Report, Daily Report, Near Miss, Incident Report, etc).


  • Over 150 Sample Policies in the library to help companies develop robust safety programs.
  • Examples include: Asbestos Policy, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Crane Lift, Disciplinary Action, Earthquake Checklist, etc.


  • Companies develop specific file folder structure customized for their company and drag and drop files on a website which are then viewed from any mobile device.
  • Track Employee Certifications and Insurance Certificates and be alerted before they expire.


  • Upload videos (even link to You Tube Videos), Powerpoint Presentations, generate and automatically score quizzes.
  • Generate completion certifcates and track analytics including being notified on all training expirations. 


  • Over 75 Dashboards to drill into data, create alerts and notfications, "lasso data sets", and provide custom reporting- in real time

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