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Alex AI – Personal Health Companion

Released 02 January 2020
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At Alex Therapeutics we empower people to overcome unhealthy habits and improve their mental health by combining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Artificial Intelligence and superior design.



Photo of John Drakenberg Renander
John Drakenberg Renander
Alex Therapeutics AB

We partner with insurers to support them in their mission to:

1. Support people to live longer and healthier lives

40% of all premature deaths could be prevented by changing habits. Increase revenue from Life and health insurance products by investing in longevity.

2. Drastically reduce short term healthcare expenditure

Offer the intelligent digital therapeutic platform Alex as a first step to treat unhealthy habits and mental health support as a first line of defence instead of more expensive alternatives.

3. Reduce long term health expenditure by preventing chronic illness

At least 80% of all heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes and over 40% of cancer could be prevented by changing habit patterns. Alex makes behaviour change enjoyable and fun.

4. Use data in real time to improve value offering and products

We can share data (GDPR-standard) to support underwriters with valuable insights on how behaviour change should impact health and life products.

5. Support policyholders globally

Alex has limitless scalability and is currently available in multiple languages, in over 170 countries across 6 continents. We support your policyholders wherever they are.

Alex is GDPR compliant, CE-certified and a Software Medical Device Class I

Evidence based method powered by AI

Alex is developed together with psychologists and experts in Internet-based therapy. The foundation is evidence-based methods for behavioral change derived from CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance & Committment Therapy). 

Alex applies machine learning using millions of data points from the whole user base to profile every single new user. This way, Alex can personalize the experience from the very start, and deliver the right type of behavioral interventions at the right time. Our AI can also deliver valuable business intelligence to insurance partners.

Alex is developed with the same design principles as the consumer apps people use every day. A conversational user interface, game mechanics and behavioral economics makes up the experience that Alex users love.

A companion loved by users

Alex provides a personalized program to maximize success, based on the user's input. Alex supports the users in discovering insights on their emotional, situational and physiological triggers that preceeds a certain behavior.

Alex utilizes machine learning to provide the right tools and exercises at the right time. The interventions support users in the very moment they crave. In addition the users are provided with strategies for long-lasting change. Alex goes way beyond just quitting a behavior and is designed to stay with the user and provide continuous support.

Alex Impact Report

The Impact Report provides is an easy to grasp summary of customer engagement, health impact and savings made from providing Alex to end-customers. These can be distributed to corporate customers to showcase impact in detail.

Impact Report metrics can also be provided as an API to be integrated into your internal platform.

A Platform for habit change

The intelligent Alex digital therapeutic platform is built to support a range of indications, including:

  • Addictions – e.g. smoking, food, alcohol, drugs
  • Mental health – e.g. anxiety, sleep, stress, trauma, eating disorders, light depression
  • Internet behavior – e.g. gaming, betting, social media, porn, shopping
  • Clinical conditions – e.g. COPD, CVD, Diabetes, ED, pain, RA

Business cases

Business case

Alex + Telemedicine

Business case

Pre-surgery Companion

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