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Released 09 July 2023
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Versatile heart health assessment solution.

Leveraging AI and advanced medical-grade technology exclusively through a smartphone. In just 60 seconds, it provides data-driven insights into the heart health of your members.

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FibriCheck provides insurers with a flexible solution for heart health checks, harnessing AI and advanced medical-grade technology via the use of a smartphone only, offering data-driven insights into the health status of your members in just 60 seconds.

Available as a stand-alone solution or seamlessly integrated into any insurer platform or app, FibriCheck is proven to attract new members and increase engagement through regular heart health checks while also giving peace of mind and providing tailored education to people suffering with symptoms such as palpitations. 

It also provides a mechanism to reduce claim costs through prevention programs resulting in the timely detection of cardiac arrhythmias leading to lower, less complicated claims as well as reducing the need for costly and unnecessary in-person appointments through virtual health-checks.

FibriCheck was founded in 2014 and has pioneered since that date. Today, the FibriCheck family counts approximately 35 employees and some key realisations/numbers to date:

  • global market access with medical device approvals in Europe, USA, Australia, Middle-East and Singapore
  • successful implementations across the patient lifecycle including targeted prevention (for at risk members), palpitation/symptom management (often for worried people including those suffering with mental health conditions), detection of atrial fibrillation and monitoring post-diagnosis
  • >600,000 end-users
  • reimbursed via public and private insurers replacing up to 30% of ECG/Holters in routine care
  • unique database of ±15 million annotated datasets
  • 5 international patents pending with 4 of them close to being granted

Born out of a hospital mobile health unit, FibriCheck started when the father of our co-Founder and CEO suffered a stroke due to atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common cardiac arrhythmia. Despite affecting millions, its intermittent nature makes early detection challenging and management of AF complex and time-consuming.

Driven to radically innovate, co-founders Lars Grieten, Bieke Van Gorp, Jo Van der Auwera and Kobe Leysen pooled their expertise in clinical, business, regulatory, data science and technology to bring timely and scalable detection to more people. By simply transforming individuals’ owned smartphones and watches into medical devices, FibriCheck is increasing access to effective and cost-saving care.

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