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hr | bluebox

Released 20 July 2022
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The streamlined data analytics service by Hannover Re offers top-quality insights into your portfolio data using a combination of our artificial intelligence model – which we optimise for your business – together with personalised interpretation and advice from our analysts.

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Insurance companies collect data routinely as part of their business process and this data has the potential to be an extremely useful resource on which to base strategic business decisions. Enter our exclusive hr | bluebox service for our reinsurance clients, in which we help you to identify patterns, trends and connections in your existing data, to communicate these results effectively and to formulate management actions. Why do some life & health policies lapse in the first year of purchase, for example?

How is it different?

We offer much more than a machine solution. With our tools and strategies, we can generate insights traditional methods fail to find. Our data scientists add value by scrutinising and enriching your portfolio data. Our advanced AI techniques identify meaningful patterns, allowing us to work with you to suggest possible ways to improve your future portfolio. We add the human touch by:

  • Checking and improving data quality
  • Customising our AI model to fit your individual portfolio
  • Translating the results into tangible business actions
  • Evaluating the impact of these actions

The process

Your local Hannover Re contact can arrange a meeting with our team so we can discuss the hr | bluebox solution in more detail. Should you decide to go forward with this service, you will then share your anonymised data with us. Our next steps are to cleanse and prepare your data before we train your individual AI-based model to transform it into constructive intelligence.

The results are presented on a dashboard. They include an overview of your portfolio, how it changes over time, views of different segments, analyses of lapses and predictive insights. Together, we then look at these results and we jointly come up with possible future management actions, which we pull together in a report. Finally, we do a presentation based on our report, which we then hand over to you.

The two-way process, requiring human commitment from you and us!


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