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Standardized Cyber Insurance Assessment (SCIA)

Released 23 September 2021
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Q_PERIOR offers standardized cyber security audits and assessments for insurers to find the most suitable insurance rates against cyber crime.
The combination between a long history of working in the insurance industry and the technical expertise of cyber security enables us to provide quick and impactful appraisals.

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In the wake of digitalization, digital assets have steadily moved into the focus of modern society. Coupled with an increase in cyber criminality, insuring against any damage caused by a breach of data, a disruption of production or system recovery costs has become one of the fastest growing demands in insurance.

We at Q_PERIOR help insurers reduce their risks when providing cyber insurance by delivering flexible and quick security assessments for a fixed price. This way you can generate one trusted benchmark, which you can utilize to understand the security level your insurant is at and even compare it with other insurants that have been assessed by us.

Instead of having to train personnel and putting in effort to keep everything up to date, we utilize our experience from our daily business as cyber security consultants to keep our assessment up to date with the latest developments.

Not all clients are the same and cyber attacks are more likely to hit some clients more than others. The size of a company is a major point for attackers to decide on a victim. The number of employees offers a larger attack surface. The value of income lost due to a cyber attack may warrant an assessment of ongoing cyber security.
Knowing this we thought about a solution that makes it possible for every insurant to be assessed. Depending on the insurer's wishes we can provide different packages ranging from basic assessments to advanced technical testing.

We have the resources to flexibly adapt to your wishes. After our first assessment, should you still be unsure about the security of your insurant, you can simply add on, for example, a penetration test, that we will take care of as well.

The result of our SCIA is a score and a summary on the areas where your insurant performs well and where weaknesses can be found. The topics that are checked range from culture, governance and business continuity management to encryption, software architecture and identity access management.

The score we generate after an assessment is universal between insurants that we test. This way you have a good insight on how your different clients perform and what is an acceptable value for you.

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