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PRECIRE Technologies GmbH

Released February 27, 2019
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We Make AI Human - So You Can Find The Answers

Our work is based on many years of psychological research. As experienced practitioners we attach great importance to a holistic understanding of the human psychology. This expertise is at the heart of our artificial intelligence - and brings it to life.

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Photo of Martin Harasim
Martin Harasim
PRECIRE Technologies GmbH
Photo of Joerg Heiss
Joerg Heiss
Hannover Re
Solution expert
PRECIRE® is based on psychology combined with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Psychological Language Processing (PLP) and Machine Learning. It decodes speech in text form and provides fascinating insights into the interaction of personality, communication and behaviour. The software draws an objective picture of customers, applicants and other conversational partners. It opens up new paths to support and automatize intelligent, individualized and efficient human-human and human-machine interactions.

PRECIRE is based on a growing ecosystem. It is open to anyone who wants to create something new and boost relevant KPI with psychological insight. Our vision is to prepare a fertile ground for groundbreaking innovation.

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PRECIRE Technologies GmbH

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