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hr | ReFlex underwriting automation

Released February 27, 2019
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hr | ReFlex is a modular automated underwriting system that provides immediate and risk-adequate decisions directly at the point of sale. It supports all sales channels and leverages the full potential of an all-digital business process, increasing turnover and profitability.

Due to its unique flexibility, allowing new products or features to be integrated very easily, your future investments in product innovations are safe.

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hr | ReFlex is the key to digital transformation in order to target the next generation of insurance buyers.

Selling life insurance as simply as possible 

With hr | ReFlex, applications can be completed and policies be issued within less than 15 minutes due to the unique approach to reflexive questions, easily understood by the consumer. Immediate automated underwriting decisions at the point of sale ensure high straight-throughprocessing ratios reaching up to 90% for mortality risks.

»The integration of hr | ReFlex into our online sales platform was part of our digitalisation strategy in order to streamline our sales process. Due to its outstanding user-friendliness, we were able to successfully close the sale in more than 75% of cases, just 24 months after implementation. At the same time, hr | ReFlex is an important component of the services we provide to our bank partner, giving us a decisive and unique advantage over other providers in this very competitive distribution channel.«

Enhancing the customer experience

Hannover Re’s automated underwriting platform, hr | ReFlex, is specifically designed to enable insurer’s web, mobile and digital strategies to meet the demands of today’s consumers. With an open and modern architecture, hr | ReFlex remains flexible to evolve with new underwriting paradigms and life insurance programs.

hr | ReFlex enhances a company’s ability to make the most accurate and timely risk assessment decisions at the point of sale. It supports accelerated underwriting, simplified issue and fully underwritten products. Underwriting question sets and rules are transparent and customisable for easy integration with your current processes.

hr | ReFlex demo

You can gain an impression of how hr | ReFlex handles different risks – be it medical, occupational, avocational and residential – by following the link to our hr | ReFlex sample demo, available in English, German and Spanish.

Access: hr | ReFlex sample demo (reduced rule set and medical database)

Username: reflex-demo  /  Password: reflex

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