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Business case

YAS-App integration into an existing bonus program

Released 27 October 2020
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Together with mhplus health insurance we subsequently developed a white-label version of the YAS app, which was integrated into the existing bonus program "fitcash" of mhplus as a prevention offer.



Photo of Michael Pfeifer
Michael Pfeifer
MAGNUM EST Digital Health Gmbh
Head of Sales
In 2018, was one of the winners of the healthy hub competition, which was organized by five statutory health insurances under the slogan "we'll get you into the statutory health insurance". 

The challenges

Positive customer experience

The YAS-App should inspire the insured and motivate them towards more physical activity and to adopt a health-conscious lifestyle.

Digital prevention

Bonus programs are regulated by the german social security legislation. Digital prevention via an app has to meet these requirements.


Development of a white label solution, which can be further developed and is scalable, as well as show individual features of the mhplus health insurance.


The customized YAS-App for mhplus includes the reward of daily exercise and physical activiy with points. These points can be exchanged for rewards in our partner portfolio from the areas of fitness, health and nutrition. Additionally, further challenges with valuable raffle prizes are also included and motivate insured even more towards a health-conscious lifestyle.

These measures ensure long-term loyalty of the insured and increases the general attractiveness of prevention

With the YAS-App we

  • manage to address new target groups for a bonus program and offer an additional digital prevention measure for mhplus.
  • demonstrate to motivate users in various target groups towards more physical activity by using gamification and thus fulfilling the purpose of a preventive measure.
  • enable mhplus to create digital touchpoints which they use to communicate relevant content or for up- and crossselling

User testimonial

"I have fixed the "mhplus move" app right next to WhatsApp on my cell phone because I have been opening the app every single day for months. I record my steps and find the app much more intuitive than any other tracking app, including Apple Health".

- user of mhplus move, developed and operated by

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