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Sureify's Lifetime Platform

Released February 27, 2019
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Sureify has developed the global life insurance industry’s leading digital acquisition, engagement, retention and consumer behavior analytics platform. 

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Sureify’s Lifetime platform provides solutions for digital policy purchase, omni-channel distribution and solutions for policyholder servicing, post-purchase engagement via health, rewards, marketing, and a range of personalized content delivery and data collection. Lifetime’s carrier panel enables carriers to glean valuable insights from their policyholder cohorts by tracking sales, application usage, policyholder health metrics through IoT devices, sensor and behavioral data, as well as user feedback from surveys. Sureify enables insurers to make these data actionable through analytics, which allow them to stratify their population, assess risk, and target policyholders with the right message at the right time, whether it’s for sales or feedback.

Lifetime leverages the investment life insurers have already made in their legacy systems by augmenting the functionality of existing workflows and systems such as payment processing, underwriting engines, etc. This enables insurers to quickly and efficiently integrate a digital product strategy, distribution channels, and engagement and messaging services regardless of infrastructure, population size, or geographic distribution.


Sureify has partnered with the below companies. Each of these partnerships offers an additional, optional value to the life insurer. 

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