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GROW: White-label pension accumulation solution

Released July 10, 2019
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Introducing the first white-label pension accumulation solution that allows its members to customise and tailor their insurance cover in real-time.

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The super challenge

As of 30 June 2018, Australians have over $2.5 trillion in superannuation assets, ranking Australia as the 4th largest holder of pension fund assets in the world. Despite its importance in influencing the quality of an individual's retirement, personal management of one's superannuation is afflicted by a combination of apathy and ignorance, a mentality that is particularly evident in Australia's younger generational cohort.

GROW aims to simplify every aspect of a member's interaction with their superfund, from consolidation of superannuation (i.e. pension funds) through to tailoring their various insurance policies.

Real-time insurance customisation

Most existing market offerings do not give their members the choice of tailoring or customising their insurance cover according to their personal circumstances, let alone via a digital and paper-free process.

The white label solution allows its members to perform the following actions with ease:

  • Answer a short-form questionnaire which qualifies the member for the appropriate form of Life, Income Protection and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance cover (i.e. white collar versus blue collar)
  • Adjust their level of cover via a simple slider mechanism, whilst also displaying the corresponding change in monthly premium
  • Apply for additional cover
  • Opt-out of insurance cover at the touch of a button
  • Transfer an existing insurance policy

Powered by TINA

All GROW white-label solutions are underpinned by TINA, our very own proprietary distributed ledger based pension administration platform. TINA enables wealth management funds to have far greater control over how they deliver value to their members.

Our intent is for this value delivery to occur in a secure, connected, modular, logic sharing ecosystem that can quickly adapt to changes in its internal or external environment.

  1. Rather than acting as a new node or player within the superannuation administration ecosystem, TINA supports the generation of, and participation in, a decentralised network of service providers, including insurance providers
  2. Bilateral reconciliation is unneeded as the network forms a full view of the the true state between all players at a point in time.
  3. Costly integration requirements are removed due to the flexible nature of the platform, managing data transmission amongst participants via the platform itself

GROW white label

GROW offers the service of developing a white-labelled version of our accumulation product. If you are interested in exploring this further, please get in touch with us.

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