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Released 08 May 2019
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Vivant is a comprehensive digital platform/app that provides preventive health management of the insured customers thereby driving health claims cost down and increasing positive and meaningful engagement of the insurance companies with their customers.



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Monica Mittal
Account Manager

Typically, in the insurance industry the engagement with the customer happens mostly during policy selling, premium collection, and claims processing. Very limited or little ongoing engagement with the customer is done, resulting in poor retention. Additionally, the insurance company has limited influence to help its customers to manage their health and live a healthier life.

Vivant partners with insurance companies to not only engage the customers in a meaningful way but to also help them manage their overall health and wellness. Increased engagement with customer leads to increased retention and higher cross-sell opportunities. Moreover, assisting customers to manage their health and any long-term illness (such as non -communicable disease), to stay fit, subsequently drives the cost of health claims down.

Vivant also provides real-time insights into health data at an aggregated level to the organization through an analytics dashboard. The data generated through the platform could be used by the insurance industry for new product development and underwriting.

Vivant's provides these solutions from the perspectives of the insured customers as well as insurance companies.

Customer perspective

Vivant has a digital platform and an app that enables individual users to holistically and systematically manage their health risks consisting of 3 elements:

  • Identify risks - Health Risk Assessment
  • Track progress- Personal Health Records
  • Manage health - Customer Engagement

1. Identify risks (Health Risk Assessment):

For identification, VIVANT uses a proprietary solution called “Health Risk Assessment (HRA)." HRA is based on global scales such as Framingham scale, Dash-21, John Hopkins among others, and uses proprietary algorithms to give an overall health score and identify potential high-risk areas of the individual.

Based on a series of questions related to current and family health, occupational health, lifestyle and other parameters, the HRA gives every customer a comprehensive wellness report, consisting of the following:

  • A Wellness score (A score out of 100) which acts as a simple indicator of overall health and well being
  • Possible health risk areas of the user
  • Suggestions on various lab check-ups along with the frequency
  • A comprehensive personalized care plan to manage such risks.

For risk analysis, Vivant's HRA relies primarily on non-clinical information which is easier for users to remember and understand. There are around 15 – 20 questions and the HRA takes no more than 5 mins – 7 mins to complete.

All these features described above have made Vivant's HRA, one of the finest when it comes to user experience and impact.

2. Track progress (Personal Health Records):

Once risks are identified, the next important step is to track against those risks. Individuals can use various functionalities to track their ongoing progress:

  • Track health parameters – BP, BMI, Thyroid, Sugar, Lipid
  • Store Health Documents – Lab Reports, prescriptions, Discharge Summary
  • Family Physician – Add and share health documents (email)
  • Build family health profile – Take Assessment, store family data
  • Track daily physical activity -Vivant is integrated with Apple Health, Google Health. This eliminates the need of having a wearable device for the individual
  • Medical Dictionary – Learn more about various diseases and symptoms, tests and procedures, vaccines, medications, etc.
  • Rewards and recognition – For every activity performed by users, they have the option to earn reward points. Individuals can then redeem these points against discounts on health check-ups, organic food, doctor consultations, etc.
  • Quizzes/Calculators – Various quizzes such as Diabetic Quiz, Mental Health quiz, Smartphone addiction, Breast cancer quiz give the individual a good snapshot of various risks

3. Manage health (Customer Engagement):

Vivant helps individuals manage their health by providing a digital platform/app to connect with medical professionals, health coaches, dietitians, and diagnostic centers.

The engagement with users is at several levels:

  • Search, select, buy a health check-up package and book an appointment with diagnostic centers
  • Receive health articles and blogs customized to individual's health risks and preferences, (completely automated user engagement algorithm, which picks up user preferences and then sends health tips/articles tailored for every user)
  • Option to chat with a doctor. Individuals can chat with a general physician and get their health queries addressed
  • Medical Second Opinion – If any customer wishes to connect with a specialist for a second opinion, they have the option to use the platform to schedule audio and video consultations. Prior to the call, they can share any health document for the specialist to review.
  • Condition Management Program – Users also can enroll for various lifestyle disease management programs such as Diet and weight management, Healthy Heart program, Diabetes management, etc. These are comprehensive programs where users are assigned a coach and receive personalized counseling.

Insurance company perspective

  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Targeted Communication Console

1. Analytic Dashboard:

Vivant provides corporates/insurance companies with analysis of various health risk aspects of the end users. Using the analytics dashboard insurance company can view the health data at an aggregate level. Analytics dashboard gives a complete picture of various health trends, deviations from previous years, identify high-risk groups at an aggregate level and could be filtered based on gender, age, location, disease type.

2. Targeted Communication Console:

With the help of communication console insurance company can define targeted cohorts based on the health risk profile, age, gender, location, etc. Once the target group is defined, the insurance company can send health campaigns with a full option of collaterals, including event-based quizzes, webinars, emails campaigns, etc.

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