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YONGO, an online savings platform

Released April 10, 2019
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YONGO is a white label digital life insurance platform for insurers.


Photo of Dirk Lens
Dirk Lens
Business development

What is YONGO?

• YONGO is a multi-device white label digital life insurance platform for insurers, that enables the digital engagement of customers and the online subscription of life insurance savings products. Yongo facilitates the online sales of financial products allowing data collection and data analytics. Online sales can be by direct marketing or through a broker/agent network.

• The gamification on the YONGO-platform allows for the invitation of contributors, definition of savings goals and targets (short and long term), uploading of pictures, design and sending of invitations and thank you messages. The platform approach opens the way for the insurer to connect with other parties and providers to integrate a full set of services and products for the customer.

• YONGO ensures a fully digital experience from customer engagement over subscription of the contract to money-out. Identification, authentication, e-signature of contract documents, e-payment and MIFID/FATCA-requirements are integrated within the digital customer experience.

• The YONGO platform is cloud based and uses API’s for simple and flexible integration with back-end services and with plug-in services.

• YONGO was developed by AG Insurance in Belgium. AG Insurance uses the platform to promote savings for children but other marketing focuses are possible.

FINTEAS commercializes the YONGO platform, under a SaaS-formula and as a white label product to insurers in territories where no AGEAS-company is active.

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