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Atidot - AI For Life Insurance

Released 11 July 2022
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Atidot is a provider of AI and Machine Learning solutions for life insurance companies. Our cloud-based AI and Predictive Analytics platform provides data-driven insights that impact the value of new and existing customers, drive new business, and generate new revenue streams. Atidot offers turnkey solutions across the value chain.



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Roy Perlson
United Kingdom
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Shira Warshavski
VP of Marketing


Atidot is an Insurtech company that offers AI and predictive analytics solutions for life insurers. We specifically focus on driving higher lifetime value from existing customers and predicting market trends using advanced technologies. We offer AI-based actionable insights across the value chain to improve efficiencies, increase retention, and face amount to generate more revenues. Our models have proven to be 15X more accurate than the industry standards, and it’s all in real-time.

Our end-to-end platform can provide insights, automatically launch a complete customer journey, and capture generated revenues.

Unlike providers of generic solutions that aren’t trained on life insurance modules, Atidot's solutions are tailor-made for the life insurance industry. Additionally, our solution is software-based and not project-based, resulting in a shorter processing time. The platform is auditable and scalable and can provide real-time analytics and predictions.

Founded by a team of data scientists and actuaries, Atidot works with leading life insurers in North America and Europe.

We work with Tier1 and Tier 2 insurance companies, to which we bring topline and bottom-line growth, improving their IRR profitability and their in-force block book value by 4X, while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty at the same time.

Case study: How Atidot Improves Customer Retention 

One major problem that insurers face is that there is a high turnover of life insurance agents which leads to an increased amount of unserviced policies, and consequently, a loss of revenue. The challenge is therefore to identify who is underinsured or at risk of lapsation and once identified, learn how to better retain these customers. Atidot’s predictive analytics AI platform has the solution for these issues as seen in the following case study.

CEO and Company Bio

Dror Katzav is Atidot's Founder and CEO. Before co-founding Atidot Software Inc., Dror completed an 11-year career as a Team Leader & Project Manager at an elite IDF (Israeli Defense Force) Unit, leading state-of-the-art technology development in Intelligence. Dror led Artificial Intelligence (AI), data solutions, and information sciences teams.

As an experienced data scientist, Dror worked as a consultant with leading technology startups helping them streamline their models. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2008 and a Master of Science degree in Management Sciences and Information Technology from Tel Aviv University in 2013.

After years of experience in the technology sector, Dror has long cultivated a passion for data-driven technology. Motivated by this passion and aware of the unleashed potential through an understanding of data, Dror sought to build a startup that would bring this crucial technology to the life insurance industry - an industry heavily reliant upon data to strategize and make intelligent business decisions.

He realized that the industry had lost touch with today's buyers and saw an opportunity to transform how carriers connect to consumers. To realize his vision, Dror assembled a diverse team of similarly passionate individuals with the mission of revolutionizing the way life insurance companies worldwide sell products and engage their customers.

Dror is a sought-after speaker at international Insurtech conferences and events. He is married, a father of three adorable girls, and resides in Palo Alto, California.  

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