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hr I decida

Released 15 March 2022
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The web-based underwriting manual for smooth health insurance decision-making by Hannover Re.

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Carsten Kistner
Hannover Re
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For you, as for us, it’s imperative to ensure you understand the extent of your risk from the very outset, when you issue a policy. In the health insurance market, this is not always so easy. While making informed choices is a priority for you, there are countless unknowns and uncertainties in this market and you need to understand the possible implications of your decisions many years down the line.

 You need access to all the data and support available: 

  • to help you make appropriate underwriting decisions
  • to ensure your portfolio is free from unwelcome risks

And this support must be available to you in real time, so you can make speedy judgements.

Maintaining a robust client portfolio is the key to profitability and you need reliable tools to support that goal. This led us to develop hr | decida, our health insurance decision support tool, so you can make swift yet rational decisions grounded in years of expert knowledge.

Being web-based, it’s easy and inexpensive to set up, as it doesn’t need to be integrated into your company’s own IT infrastructure. This means less time commitment and less hassle for your own staff. Nevertheless, every organisation is unique and if desired, we can easily tailor it to your own requirements.

The outcome for you is the ability to make on-the-spot, value-for-money health insurance offers with confidence, knowing that you are safeguarding your portfolio from unwanted risk. 

Key takeaways

  • Ensure decisions are grounded in the most up-to-date data: aligned with our health underwriting manual hr | decida
  • Tailor the questions asked to suit each individual’s circumstances
  • Speed up the process of issuing policies
  • Support management decisions with analyses, evaluations, reports and statistics
  • Eliminate the need for copious paperwork, medical reports and blood checks
  • Enable extra functionality to be added on with ease

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