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Supercede | The Reinsurance Platform

Released 24 February 2021
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Supercede’s global reinsurance platform is here to help you manage any kind of reinsurance deal so you look great to your partners and customers, enabling you to be more profitable and grow faster. Supercede supports the entire reinsurance value chain of cedents who want better submission quality, brokers who want a better placement process, and reinsurers who want better access to risks and data.

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Ben Rose
Co-founder & President
United Kingdom
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Irina Degling
Hannover Re
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Supercede is the powerful end-to-end reinsurance platform that contains the essential software suite for the entire reinsurance value chain of cedents, brokers, and reinsurance underwriters; Supercede supports cedents who want better submission quality, brokers who want a better placement process, and reinsurers who want better access to risks and data. The complete ecosystem enables the global reinsurance industry to better create, track and manage activity:

Supercede for Cedents

Data preparation is a hugely complex and time-consuming process. Supercede enables cedents to prepare, validate, and cleanse data at a significantly faster pace; automate the creation of outwards reinsurance submission exhibits, including premium estimates, rate changes, bordereau, loss runs, and triangles, which they can then share selectively with brokers.

Supercede for Brokers

Brokers spend more time compiling data rather than working on the actual deal. Supercede allows them to receive clean and consistent outwards submissions from cedents to build data- rich, multi-layered risk profiles with customisable, reinsurance- specific features. Submission packs can be shared with selected markets for quoting and binding, or for distribution to a wider global marketplace of reinsurance underwriters.

Supercede for Reinsurers

Historically, reinsurers had to wait for ‘friendly brokers’ to bring them the best business, navigating multiple broker systems or an overflowing inbox to find submissions. Supercede provides access to a world of new risks across multiple brokers in a single platform, with risks represented consistently, with the data required to price, right at their fingertips.

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