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dacadoo Health Engagement Platform, Health Score & Risk Engine

Released 01 August 2019
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dacadoo has developed a broad range of functionalities and services as part of a platform that engages users in holistic health and wellness. In addition to dacadoo’s comprehensive platform and apps, the backend functionality can be integrated into customers’ own portals and apps via dacadoo’s RESTful API (OAuth 2.0), allowing customers to create user journeys and client-facing applications tailored specifically for their needs based on dacadoo’s technology.

dacadoo provides solutions to the following key industry segments:

+ Health Insurers

+ Life Insurers

+ Reinsurers

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Health Engagement Platform

Empowering you is good, but engaging you in a healthy lifestyle is more important!

dacadoo develops and operates its comprehensive digital Health Engagement Platform to motivate users to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. 

It combines motivational techniques derived from behavioral science, with functions from online gaming and social networks that involve users in their holistic health – Body, Mind and Lifestyle.

By combining the patented dacadoo Health Score with personalized health coaching via the ruleand AI-based automated coach (Lifestyle Navigator), dacadoo customers can achieve high levels of long-term user engagement.

Health Score

Live healthy and active with dacadoo!

The globally patented dacadoo Health Score is a scientifically calculated number from 1 (low) to 1,000 (high), simplifying an individual’s current health status into a single number. 

It is based on over 300 million person-years of clinical and real life data, and it can track up to 100 data points across an individual’s Body, Mind and Lifestyle – thus representing holistic health. 

The Health Score changes in real-time according to the user’s physical state, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle behavior.

Risk Engine

The dacadoo Risk Engine calculates adverse health event probabilities based on a novel scientific model that includes more than 300 million people years of clinical data. 

Up to 100 data points can be inserted in the dacadoo Risk Engine but it works with as little as 4 data points (age, gender, height and weight). The risk engine produces full data sets with 100 data points for each person by imputing estimated values for any missing, self-reported data. For example, if only age, gender, height and weight of a person are provided, the engine will impute the 96 missing data values, including blood values and other biometric data. The engine also predicts various disease risks (e.g. Diabetes type II, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome, etc.) and calculates all-cause mortality for the chosen time horizons (5 to 14 years). 

Data obtained via dacadoo’s Risk Engine: 

  • Full data set of 100 data points for each person including imputed health-related values of all missing data points
  • Prediction of various disease risks 
  • All-cause mortality 

The dacadoo Risk Engine can be accessed for one time or ongoing use and its output will support advanced analytics and pricing for accelerated underwriting, as well as dynamic underwriting to allow flexible premium pricing.

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