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Qinematic™ Posture Scan & Movement Lab

Released February 19, 2019
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Qinematic™ is an advanced software that turns a gaming sensor into a simple-to-use movement laboratory, using biomechanics algorithms. 

By applying this technology a various points in the life cycle of a policy, insurers and their customers can benefit from reduced disability incidence, faster rehabilitation, improved customer loyalty and an enhanced brand proposition via the offer of a new lifestyle service.

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One in three people are affected by Movement Related Disorders such as musculoskeletal, neurological or age related problems. The costs attributed to musculoskeletal problems alone, like back pain and arthritis, are enormous. Yet, very few people have had an objective assessment of their posture, movement patterns or balance. Poor movement patterns can be easily improved if the underlying problems are identified early, and corrective or preventative exercises are prescribed.

Using an inexpensive 3D gaming camera, Posture Scan software can record, measure, report and playback a functional assessment in under 6 minutes. Instant 3D video is a powerful communication tool for educating people about their movement, objective identification of strengths and weaknesses, and motivating positive health behaviours - even in healthy populations.

The automated scanning process is far less expensive than univeraity laboratory tests, it is portable, and easily scaleable. Scans and feedback are already provided in several countries at workplaces, clinics, gyms and sports teams for identifying existing or potential problems.

Insurers are currently using it for objective measures and health promotion. Our efforts in machine learning will soon permit the classification of movement like never seen before, offering unique opportunities for decision support, claims management, and eventually underwriting.

First move well, then move more! 

How does Qinematic™ work?

Qinematic™ offers three software products:

  • The Posture Scan, an automated 3D movement scan software 
  • The Movement Lab, a virtual analysis for remote assessment
  • And Note, a web app for reviewing report in the field

Qinematic Posture Scan records a person’s function at 30 times per second whilst they copy some basic movements shown on a screen. A 3D sensor and advanced biomechanics algorithms are used to give immediate animated feedback and to report the measurements.

The scan is automated, fast, fun and motivating. A scan takes just 6 minutes. Approximately 40-50 people can be scanned in a day. Advice can be provided face-to-face or remotely. In the near future, the software will also offer personalised recommendations.

Posture Scan can be found at gyms, clinics, workplaces and retail outlets providing health and wellness services.

Qinematic Movement Lab is installed software that enables health and fitness professionals to download 3D video from a secure cloud library, and analyse the performance as thought the person were actually in the room. This virtual laboratory is used for animated feedback, detailed movement analysis, and electronic reporting with objective measures.

Movement Lab enables a unique opportunity for remote consultations, individualised advisory services and big data insights.

See the video above for a quick walk through of the Movement Lab software.

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