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Released 30 July 2020
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VeoSens is a Health Management & Engagement Service that provides a tangible, easy & fun way to access detailed physiological health metrics - via a Samsung wearable & the VeoSens app co-created by Samsung & LifeQ.

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Samsung, Hannover Re and LifeQ have combined their resources and skills to develop a Solution to motivate and support individuals to engage in their health and to create sustainable and measurable health improvements.

VeoSens is sold as part of an underlying life insurance policy: ‘life cover powered by VeoSens’, where a policyholder purchases a traditional life insurance policy and gains access to the VeoSens service as part of this policy.

VeoSens is a health management and engagement service through which the policyholder earns additional life insurance cover, as they improve their participation in and health outcomes from VeoSens.

The VeoSens solution is a packaged service with three main components:

The App

Visualise your health: The app provides the policyholder with access to information that objectively determines their health status, which is summarised using the following four key health scores: 

  1. Fitness
  2. Heart health
  3. Activity
  4. Sleep health

These health scores are age-standardised to allow the clients to understand how their health compares to their age and gender-matched peers. Users can explore these scores to get a better understanding of what makes up these metrics and will get access to tips and guidance on how to improve their health outcomes.

Explore your health: Importantly, the app is designed to encourage users to not only understand their health status, but also to actively explore the impact of lifestyle changes on their long-term health. We give clients the ability to set goals, track specific metrics and then see the quantified impact on their health. The user can select a goal that they want to follow for a select period and are then able to track the impact that this intervention had on their scores.

This self-exploration feature (“my goals”) allows the user to observe the impact that lifestyle and / or health choices have on their own health scores.

Social: Challenges: Policyholders can enter into monthly activity challenges amongst similar groups of lives to encourage motivation which brings an element of fun and gamification into the app.

Bonus Insurance cover: The users can track their progress on qualifying for additional life insurance cover in the app. In addition, they will get tips (“missions”) on how to improve their monthly bonuses.

The Value Proposition

We believe that this service will improve the end customer experience by offering new ways of engagement and allows future cross sell/lead generation opportunities. 

In the long-term, we anticipate that this service will offer life insurers better portfolio mortality/morbidity outcomes; improved persistency; more refined selection/risk diversification and a unique and digitised underwriting process.

In addition to the short-term and long-term benefits described above, this opportunity can help to align insurers and policyholders/ applicants on the same journey, where both benefit from healthier living. 

Insurance carriers can join a global partnership & contribute to a solution from the ground up!

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