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Business case

Sleep needs during COVID-19 

Released 21 April 2020
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Analysis of Sleeprate data regarding the ongoing traumatic COVID-19 outbreak.



Photo of Valin Tsur Falckovitch
Valin Tsur Falckovitch
Head of Partnerships and Business Development

The issue

While the corona virus pandemic swept our planet spreading disease, death and fear, countries reacted to protect their citizens, making efforts to contain the disease and to minimize the damage by flattening the curve of the COVID-19 invasion. Fighting the invasion saved lives, yet the social distancing and the lockdown continue to influence every aspect of human life.

Our mission at Sleeprate is to improve health, well-being and daytime cognitive and physical performance by taking care of the very important yet neglected third of human life.

No doubt that the ongoing outbreak of a new disease and the countermeasures impacted human sleep.


The initial analysis of Sleeprate data indicates that people have more sleep opportunity, they go to bed later, they wake up later, and they sleep more on average during the pandemic than they did before. The number of people who complain of difficulties falling asleep, maintaining sound sleep and waking up non-refreshed used to be high among our users, and now is even higher by about 5%. When life returns to normal, many of those may continue to suffer from sleep problems.

Finding out those at risk of developing chronic sleep-related problems as a consequence of the ongoing traumatic COVID-19 outbreak, detecting those for whom insomnia symptoms become an integral part of their daily life, and helping them regain the good sleep they deserve remains our mission at Sleeprate.

To get the full White Paper on Adressing sleep needs during the COVID-19 outbreak and beyond, visit the link section below!

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Benefits and advantages

Long before the corona virus pandemic, many people were struggling with getting a good night’s sleep. The modern society is suffering from sleep loss. In 2016, the CDC declared that sleep deficiencies have reached the level of a global epidemic.

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis is escalating the worldwide sleep loss problem. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) is recommended as the first line of treatment, yet access to therapy is limited and costs are high.

Mobile technology and wearable devices open new self-help opportunities for insomnia and other sleep problems. These problems are prevalent and are known to affect mood, performance, and well-being, and were even linked to increased health issues such as heart diseases, hypertension, stroke, diabetes and decreased immunity.

Sleeprate is an app-based program, an app instead of a pill, developed by sleep experts, which combines reliable and accurate sleep tracking, evaluation, and individually tailored e-coaching that identify specific sleep deficiencies and coaches through a self-help process so as to regain the well-deserved and needed good sleep: fall asleep faster, sleep soundly throughout the night, and wake up refreshed.

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