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Business case

Untangler Case Study

Released 12 February 2020
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Transforming productivity by automating manual spreadsheet manipulation



Photo of Richard Stewart
Richard Stewart
CEO & co-founder
United Kingdom

The issue

A division of a global insurance company receives 10,000s of external spreadsheets in a wide range of types and formats every year.  

They arrive from brokers and have very little consistency so thier underwriting team waste 1,000s of hours every year reviewing and normalising these data sets to their internal requirments.

Not only is this a mundane task, it is slow and can cause delays espcially at the busiest times.  And, of course, there is also the risk of human error.


Untangler was implemented and trained to build up data recognition and transformation strategies to match the insurer's output requirements.

Rigorously tested and tuned for optimal performance, it is now used by the insurer’s administration team with the vast majority of spreadsheets being automatically transformed. A task that used to take someone 20-30 minutes is now completed in a few seconds.

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Benefits and advantages

Results at a glance

  • An overall saving of 1,000s hours of low/zero-value effort
  • No need to change internal processes or current systems
  • Turnaround times are significantly improved
  • Data errors automatically identified and eliminated
  • Employees empowered to do more important work

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