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Sleeprate: Reclaim your sleep

Released 01 January 2020
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Sleeprate provides comprehensive sleep monitoring, assessment and smart, personalized therapy in the comfort of the user’s home.



Photo of Valin Tsur Falckovitch
Valin Tsur Falckovitch
Head of Partnerships and Business Development

The first mobile self-help sleep monitoring, assessment and improvement program!

Our patented solution links heartbeats and brain activity to provide accurate and validated sleep measurement and assessment. The core technology utilizes behavioral sleep medicine (CBTi) practices developed and implemented at Stanford University’s Behavioral Sleep Division.

Based on these practices, together with the input of countless experts and medical advisers, Sleeprate’s unique solution for better sleep-life balance was developed. 

Put simply, Sleeprate is a custom-tailored, step-by-step program that helps improve mental and physical performance by “rebooting” your sleep system.

Key benefits

At a glance

  • Most comprehensive sleep improvement program available today
  • Developed by sleep experts with decades of research and clinical practice
  • Content exclusively licensed from Stanford University followed by ongoing collaboration
  • Over 40 million analyzed sleep hours allowing to provide data driven solutions
  • Presenteeism lowered by 49% *
  • 4.8 healthy days/month added per user *
  • Proprietary AI algorithms and software

  • Individually customized e-coaching based on gold-standard CBTi principles

  • Sleep tracking supports a variety of popular wearables: Our approach is Bring Your Own Device or subjective sleep diaries only

  • Winner of the "National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions Award"

The SaaS sleep platform

Sleeprate provides product modules meeting the needs of your enterprise:

4 Steps to improved sleep and well-being for your enterprise

Step 1- Easy distribution

E-mail blast, branded card, and integration with an existing wellness platform.

Step 2- Enterprise branded onboarding

Fully integrated in the CBTi mobile application.

Step 3- Customized CBTi application with proven results

In just 4 to 12 weeks, users fall asleep faster and sleep soundly.

Step 4- Efficacy reports

Get valuable insights into how better sleep improves your enterprise’s results.

Sleep Expertise

Sleep is critical to public health!

“The National Sleep Foundation’s annual Sleep in America® poll finds that among U.S. adults with excellent sleep health, nearly 90% say they feel very effective at getting things done each day, compared to only 46% of those with poor sleep health.

The study also shows that only 10% of American adults prioritize their sleep over other aspects of daily living such as fitness/nutrition, work, social life, and hobbies/personal interests” **

Dr. Baharav, founder of Sleeprate comments: ”Sleep is now where nutrition was 20 years ago. Getting the public to see value in their sleep is critical for improved public health.”

*A Baharav, K Niejadlik, 0410 Impact of Digital Monitoring, Assessment, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Subjective Sleep Quality, Workplace Productivity and Health Related Quality of Life, Sleep, Volume 41, Issue suppl_1, April 2018, Page A156,


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