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Released 23 July 2021
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Linkura is a Digital Health Management Platform that identifies and minimize risk of burnout in your health insurance portfolio. Our tech is built upon a patented stress-detecting wearable and world class researsch.



Photo of Tobias Widemar
Tobias Widemar
Key Account Manager

At Linkura we specialize in empowering individuals to improve their wellbeing by combining biodata with digital and human coaching. Unlocking information hidden deep in the heartbeat we help our users learn to identify, understand and balance their stress and recovery, sleep quality and physical activity. 

Insurance companies can benefit from this unique opportunity to identify and minimize risk of burnout within their health insurance portfolio. Using our platform insurance companies can easily deploy solutions to monitor and identify risk and prevent future claims.

How does it work?

The Linkura platform consists of a digital ecosystem and our patented stress-detecting wearable.

Our process is simple, and divided in three steps:

  1. Primary screening of the population using surveys
  2. Secondary screening for at-risk individuals using our stress-detecting wearable
  3. Personal coaching programs for high-risk individuals

Users attach Linkura's wearable, the ECG meter, using a heart rate band or patch on the chest for three days. In the Linkura app, users can then track real-time data for stress, recovery, sleep quality and physical activity. In this way we can accurately provide insights and recommendations for better health.

Linkura's digital coach (Linus) helps users to understand their own health. Linus's recommendations are based on AI technology analyzing over 3 billion datapoints connecting heartbeats to lifestyle.

After three days, users can book a follow-up call with a personal and Linkura certified health coach.

Our Experience - Your Benefit

So far we have helped over 100 organisations survey 5000 employees and identified 500 high-risk individuals in need of support. What's truly amazing however is the results we've seen when providing these 500 individuals with personalized support through our platform. 

In just 6 months they sleep better, balance stress/recovery better, increase their activity levels, feel better and most importantly; 85% of identified high-risk individuals are no longer at risk of burnout!

The platform is currently deployed in a multitude of organisations and launched within the first health insurance portfolios in march 2021.

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